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Hi, I am not familiar with Google pay and how to use it. I have 3 gift cards on it that I would like to use. What are the steps to use it(ie If you're using them on skip the dishes)Thanks!
Can anyone tell me why I'm getting this? At least once a day , it appears on my screen. 


Hi, When I get a text msg that is in the form of MMS, normally, I would turn on my data to open it. Now. All of a sudden it opens automatically without my data being turned  on. How do I set it so that I have to turn  my data on to open a MMS?  S20, ...
When I only have 15% battery life left, I get a notification with the edge lighting. How do I turn the edge lighting off? I have an S20ThanksI would get a notification, but now it's coming up like a message with edge lighting and I've tried everythin...
I know there's a way of being able to hide your number when making calls. Just forget what setting its under. Lol