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Is there a way to show the "taps" (what you're clicking on) in a video that has been recorded with the native screen recorder on Note 10+?
It happens really too often. And my Incognito mode is not even activated. Every time it happens, I restart the phone and then it works. But there should be another way?I'm on note 10+
Everything is is the title.For some reasons it always fail when I try to send a gif that I made with smart select (spen) on messenger.. Am I the only one?
What would you think of a dark mode for this app? The same way than One UI.I would personally love that. Are you Team Dark Mode? Ps: didn't knew where to put that post so that's why it's in the Note category.
I tried everything except the hard reset..reseted my router, reseted my networks settings..But it seems like my Note 10+ is having hard times staying connected on WiFi.. I frequently (3-4 times a day) see a litlle red bar telling me I'm offline and i...