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What would you think of a dark mode for this app? The same way than One UI.I would personally love that. Are you Team Dark Mode? Ps: didn't knew where to put that post so that's why it's in the Note category.
I tried everything except the hard reset..reseted my router, reseted my networks settings..But it seems like my Note 10+ is having hard times staying connected on WiFi.. I frequently (3-4 times a day) see a litlle red bar telling me I'm offline and i...
Voilà, j'ai 2 questions.1: Est-ce que c'est normal que le petit verre(ou plastic?) de protection qui vient par défaut sur l'écran du Note 10+ se soit égratigné VRAIMENT facilement? Je n'ai aucun souvenir d'avoir été dur avec mon téléphone (que j'ai s...
Am I the only one that sometimes my Note 10+ says "no connection"? Like, I'm well connected on my WiFi but I frequently loose the connexion for a second or two multiple times a day.
Man the fingerprint scanner is SO slow.... Do you think it can get a little bit faster with an update?