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Am I the only one that since the One UI 3 update has a way harder time swipping up from the bottom of my phone to back up from app?I now have to swipe 2-3 times for the swipe to register. I'd just like to know if it happens to other people. Thanks fo...
Hi, since the update for One UI 2.0The orientation of my screen is changing automatically in some app (Facebook for example) is my phone is inclined even if the screen orientation (auto rotate) button IS deactivated.Is there another (new) setting to ...
Is there a way to show the "taps" (what you're clicking on) in a video that has been recorded with the native screen recorder on Note 10+?
It happens really too often. And my Incognito mode is not even activated. Every time it happens, I restart the phone and then it works. But there should be another way?I'm on note 10+
Everything is is the title.For some reasons it always fail when I try to send a gif that I made with smart select (spen) on messenger.. Am I the only one?