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OneUi3.0 involved a lot of demerits. Among those was the issue of not being able to change the grid size for the folders on home screen. It has been taken care of now by Good Lock app.You'll find Home Up section in Unit tab which you can install from...
1. The boxy design in Gallery App. It's just basic square tile now which looks worse than what was there earlier (rounded corners).2. Settings. The whole brief pop-up settings and edge lightning is very confusing for me perhaps. I would like a separa...
Edge Lightning+ app support discontinues after the update. It is just a ghost app now with no functionality.Also, I noticed that my screen awakes from a new notification but doesn't show edge lightning even though I have it enabled from the Brief Pop...
Rest of the parts of the application still works but some parts don'tTask changerLockfaceLockstarThese don't work!P.s. I have updated all apps from galaxy store and playstore.
I have a Galaxy Note 10+ and the camera app seems to have some troubles lately. When I press the shutter button in normal photo mode it doesn't click pictures(for the most parts) and if it does, it takes 4 to 5 secs at least.