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Hi everyone.I just would like to ask, if anyone has used the screen recording features in Samsung Tab S6?I have used it, but i could not record the sound. Even i have select record screen + media, the media sound does not been saved. Only the screen ...
Just received my keyboard for Samsung Tab S6. Excited to use it. HihiDont mind the topic on the tab. Currently studying.
Hello.I am just wondering is the current update for android security patch level of Samsung Tab S6 is only latest at 1 December 2019? This device i just bought on 4 days ago. Tried clicking software update but it says updated to latest version.My Sam...
Hi. I am a Note 8 user. I have encounter this issue for a while. Probably a year plus.Every now and then, the phone would screenshot itself. Not sure why but is it related to Samsung software? I really hope my Note 8 is not compromisedThank you
Just bought the Samsung Tab S6 and gotten my free Galaxy Buds. For those who are interested in getting a bigger screen, this is the best time.Price: RM3099 free white galaxy buds