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So I downloaded this wallpaper from this Star Wars group I'm in on MeWe and decided to install a new icon pack that might look cool with it. I also changed my folder colors to match. Open to critique on#wallpaperwednesday #themes #starwars
Steampunk'd FrogSo I just found this app for Samsung phones(ideally meant to use with S-pen, but you can keep this toggled off) and thought I would play around with it. Maybe there will be more creative & advanced stuff coming later once I get a pen ...
So not thatit's an unusual thing to see these rabbits here, but it (dont know if it's the same one) or they seem to like our yard to visit. This time it decided to take a nap😏😞
So, I didn't think this model was equipped with Bixby since I couldn't find it in the Galaxy Store and when I searched my phone nothing came up. But this morning there was a number of Samsung apps that needed updating, one of which being Bixby Servic...
Hey everyone, I'm Fred and just recently joined the Samsung Galaxy family when I be bought a used s6 Edge. I like the device, especially the edges. I'm not sure if I'm having battery issues. I know it be only has a 2600 mAh battery which I was surpri...