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I have a Galaxy watch and paired it with Pixel 4 (Running Android 10). When i receive a whats app notification, it does not show the sender's profile picture on the watch anymore. It works fine when on Samsung S10+. Is that something that works only ...
Back in the last month, Samsung Canada asked all of us what is your Best App from Galaxy Store. I entered the content and was declared as one of the two winners. The prize was no ordinary prize, but a grand prize of invitation to attend SDC 2019 at S...
#MyBestApp #SDS #SamsungContest The key things that I think make the best App are: Ease of Use - Ability to use the app straight out-of-the-box; Attractive UI - Interface should be easy on eyes and effective; Battery-life optimized - Battery consumpt...
Don't you guys think Samsung should implement the notifications Preview on AOD, like google pixel has?
Infinity wallpaper doesn't show up on AOD, just on lockscreen and homescreen on note 9.not sure why?