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I love the newest Samsung UI version (Samsung One UI) it's really clean and the experience is much better than before! I hope it get closer to pixels launcher and it provides faster software updates then before! Samsung seriously need to changed that...
December 5 after I installed the Oreo 8.1 update on my Galaxy Tab A 2017 8.0 received several new features like changing colors of the time in the lock screen and more... Today I just find out about something amazing turning your apps thumbnails into...
I just bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2017 8.0 bookcover case it's amazing for gaming and movies (videos) I strongly recommended !
I just received the Oreo update and I'm very excited to install it !Canadian model Enjoy the update ! Let me know in the comments below
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2017 it's a amazing tablet It's a powerful device for games and movies !I love what Samsung is doing with its devices mid-range and high-end smartphones and tablet 😀The battery is very good and important for day to day ...