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What are some laptops that have a secondary screen like that on the MacBook Pro or Asus ZenBook that run windows? I really don't like how thick the Asus is or its ports. I love my Galaxy Book S and how it only has USB C ports (although I wish it had ...
Hear me out, I was talking to myself the other day about laptops and features that I would find very useful. I was thinking about laptop keyboards, they can come with a traditional keyboard with deep travel and keys similar to that found in old Dell ...
Samsung needs to release a laptop that can truly compete with the MacBook Pro. I love Samsung but it needs to start refining its products, and with that windows will not be able to carry them to victory. Samsung should really consider creating their ...
I have a Dex pad and use it constantly with my Note 8. I love the Dex experience but would like to make a few suggestions. When an app is open, both in full screen or a small window, it would be nice if the top bar would automatically dissapear until...
Where the hell is one ui for note 8's in Canada. I have been waiting for months now and have been patient, I was told I was getting the update in February... Its now March 11th.