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i have an old s8 and a new problem just arised. the entire display has shifted to top left of the screen...its not in one handed mode.....and touch interactions act as if its on full screen, so when i want to press home button, on the dsiplay its on ...
Wondering if any of u ugys bought if u did
Anyone know any notable differences from galaxy watch and galaxy watch active 2 aside from design and battery.I have galaxy watch and am looking to sell for galaxy watch active 2 for the modern and sleek look....I know battery us worse but I'm not ge...
The battery on samsungs deteriorate very fast. 3 months ago I could go over a full day and now it dies in half a day....I am a heavy user but still drops pretty fast
Anyone getting galaxy fold.....preorders in samsung stores only started today..I'm personally waiting for my friend in Samsung corporate to hook me up lol...I usually save $500 atleast through him and buy multiple to make money back with selling