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The haptic on note 10 plus when switching toggles in setting is sooooo satisfying on one ui 2.0
The galaxy watch active 2 44mm black is crazy popular all of a sold out everywhere in Scarborough area, around gta....all online stores and retailers out of it.....crazy...never seen this with Samsung products b4 lol
As of now, I see no benefit in more RAM. No matter how much RAM I have (12GB NOW) it ends up with like 4GB free......not sure why....when I had my s10 plus with 8gb I would have like 4 GB left as well
i have an old s8 and a new problem just arised. the entire display has shifted to top left of the screen...its not in one handed mode.....and touch interactions act as if its on full screen, so when i want to press home button, on the dsiplay its on ...