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the software is defective since the pie.
so haz issu. big prolem. phun is toue big. iz very hut. battary has gone biger. scren has bun in. camara is blurie. sastem sez phun damagedwill suftwer updet to onepie ui fix it. pliz advise.never buy agin if no hulp
Me tried calculator. Is a very porpulare game with billion of installayions of all computer and phone.Interface minimalist.Performancr good 60 f p s even on j1 mini primeStory you make ur own stotey so unlimiteed possible.Gameplay repeatedive.Hours o...
Me problem got fixed like magic f before we i went to samung galaxy author repair service center area.But now scary new new old new problem scared me.Screen shows oกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุoกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุกุก...
Good Morningmy pfone is acting funny.i cannot turn it on.can you guys help?