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Let's have some transparency here. Why are posts of constructive critism being deleted? Why was one recognized and helpful member of the forum banned temporarily? All because they voiced their critical concerns and opinions? Because one exercised the...
Hi all, I searched and couldn't come up with anything. When the Note 10+ is fully charged, there is a small indicator/notification at the bottom center of the screen telling me the battery is fully charged. How do I disable this?It looks like it's st...
TeaserI'm still waiting for the Whitestone Dome glass to come as well as the UAG Crimson Red Monarch case. It will stay boxed until I get them and will be passing my trusty Note 8 to my sister (which replaces the Note 2 I passed on to her). Looks lik...
Just saw this in the Galaxy Store app promotion tab if anyone is interested. I'm still waiting to see the Note 10. 😅
Can't seem to post replies in the app. Box pops up showing max character limit reached.Anyone else seeing this issue?