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Hi all, I searched and couldn't come up with anything. When the Note 10+ is fully charged, there is a small indicator/notification at the bottom center of the screen telling me the battery is fully charged. How do I disable this?It looks like it's st...
TeaserI'm still waiting for the Whitestone Dome glass to come as well as the UAG Crimson Red Monarch case. It will stay boxed until I get them and will be passing my trusty Note 8 to my sister (which replaces the Note 2 I passed on to her). Looks lik...
Just saw this in the Galaxy Store app promotion tab if anyone is interested. I'm still waiting to see the Note 10. 😅
Can't seem to post replies in the app. Box pops up showing max character limit reached.Anyone else seeing this issue?
Darn it. My Note 8 auto updated overnight to pie while I was still in the middle of doing major backups to cloud. Thought I disabled auto update, but that's a moot point now. Can someone direct me to the ODIN release that is compatible and will work ...