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  Charming Owl Back of puzzle First time doing a wooden puzzle. It's small but took me over 2 hours to put together. Not an expert in putting jigsaw puzzles together. It was fun though. All the pieces are shapes of animals, plants, etc. They even inc...
Just saw this recommended to me from YouTube. I have to admit it would be a definite improvement and way better than what's in my device. 
Well, after months of neglect, I've decided to give it a good clean. But man is that just nasty to look at. It's a mechanical keyboard with black cherry switches. So removing the key caps and cleaning wasn't that bad. A clean keyboard makes a happy ...
Now why did I not see this until now... Samsung gave us the option to disable it. Nice to see. I'm one of those that actually prefer not having that indicator on my display while charging and the screen is off. 
Finally got the S10e for my mom. Thanks @CHMultimedia for the suggestions.Case and protector all here as well and ready to slap together. I haven't had a chance to do anything yet (just got back from work). Tired too, so probably best to leave this a...