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And all at once, summer collapsed into fall…Rainy Vancouver, still vibrant as ever.#withGalaxy #GalaxyS10+ #CanadaMembers #SamsungContest
The entire universe - for one thing - only exists in our perceptions. It is purely a kind of lightshow that's put on by the many neurons in our brain. The number of possible connections made between our neurons far exceeds the number of stars in the ...
Hi everyone,I was just wondering if anyone noticed this additional icon on their notification bar after the latest Pie update.It's the wifi calling icon and prior to the update, it only shows when I'm in a wifi call. Now it seems to stay there as lon...
Just sunshine and good vibes with my S10+ :)
I recall reading that some members were looking for an alternative to the missing led notification feature on the S10 line up (as was I, loved that little blinking light). While we wait patiently for Samsung to roll out an update to enable the front ...