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Meanwhile in Vancouver... The last snowmen standing before temperatures rise >0 degrees C.Check out those lashes! ٩( ᐛ )وDo these remind anyone of the Calvin and Hobbes snowmen?
From amidst the busy streets of Tokyo emerges a shining landmark, piercing through the dark night. The structure and design of this building certainly caught my eye as the lower quadrant lit up the block and the the top reflected surrounding light. T...
Creativity in the mundane.On a recent trip to Tokyo, we were welcomed by the twinkling lights that lined the streets. This sidewalk, in particular, lit the path for pedestrians with a unique yet informative design.#withGalaxy #GalaxyS10plus #SamsungC...
                        ~ Monochrome Friday ~Grey is a tone right ? Happy Friday ! Vancouver finally saw the first snowfall of the season/year. Stay warm and safe to everyone who's in a snowfall area and don't forget to have SNOW-much fun "Happiness...
We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and it is curiosity that keeps leading us down new paths.           Take your time and define your own path.                                         #dowhatyo...