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What's up with no OEM spens for the Note 10!? I've heard from a retailer that Samsung is not providing them in Canada, and they are not currently available in the US!Samsung needs to clarify. It's bad enough that they gouge us with the pricing of the...
Anyone know of any good alternatives to the Galaxy Note phones, also with styluses?The high initial cost of the Note phones, and the unreasonable accessory costs are making me look elsewhere. What about the LG Q Stylo, anyone ever tried it?
Am very upset with the fragility of the spen that came with my Note8. Two broken in last two weeks under very light pressure, after 2+ years of usage. Both broke at the seam between the top and bottom of the pen, suspiciously so! Why is that seam eve...
Why has Samsung blocked Snotes from the Note 10!!!? This is a much better app than Samsung Notes! Another dumb move from Samsung. Has anyone been able to install Snotes by ither means?
Is anyone else experiencing this with the Samsung stock email app on their Note 8? Seems to be a lot of complaints out there.Is there a solution that works? Spoke to Samsung's crack tech support last night, they wanted to delete my email app data. Tr...