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are there not different fonts you can select for text in Notes???
let me say right off the bat that I don't like Samsung Notes at all. it pales in comparison to S Notes.  don't know why Samsung chose to not to continue with the best note app out there.  have started recently with a new Note 20 Ultra, only to find t...
Anyone have any experience using a Note 10 spen on a Note 8? I've read it fits the Note 8, and that it charges when inserted in the Note 10, so not sure that will happen with the Note 8.  Will it stop working if it doesn't get charged when inserted?
What's up with no OEM spens for the Note 10!?  I've heard from a retailer that Samsung is not providing them in Canada, and they are not currently available in the US!Samsung needs to clarify.  It's bad enough that they gouge us with the pricing of t...
Anyone know of any good alternatives to the Galaxy Note phones, also with styluses?The high initial cost of the Note phones, and the unreasonable accessory costs are making me look elsewhere. What about the LG Q Stylo, anyone ever tried it?