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Thank you Samsung for sending me a new screen protector replace. After waiting for weeks, I finally got it today. With the new screen protector, the fingerprint unlock is so much faster and smooth, no pressing hard or retry. Ever tho the camera cut o...
Hi everyone, after few days I have noticed this when I open Google and go to More option. I dont see the label beside each icon anymore. I reset the device to factory setting then I can see the labels, but after do restore on my s10 it dissapeared ag...
Got 2 new s10 512gb today from promotion sale on Apr 26-28. What a deal thanks Samsung for $480 saving. Very happy with the phone now.
It's just me or you guys think the same? The new s10 it is a beautiful phone, but I noticed the sim tray seem to be thinner easy kinda to break thing when compared to the s8, which look lots more sturdy. I dont know how s9 is since I dont own a s9. L...
Just got my s10 yesterday to replace my s8. So far so good love it, much faster than s8 even tho s8 is not slow. Any tricks tips you guys want to share to make it better please let me know. Still wondering with the phone. Thanks