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Not sure if there's a casual relationship but Play Store download is crawling to a stop on my S21U after the latest update.  Neither clearing cache and data in Play Store and Play Services nor rebooting phone helps.  Download from other sites includi...
I wonder if there's any difference between the S21 Ultra and S20+ in the context of connecting to Windows 10 laptops wirelessly using the built-in DeX software?   I can connect wirelessly using the built-in DeX software on the S21 Ultra whereas conne...
Would appreciate advice on buying Galaxy phone direct from Samsung vs from carrier (Rogers in my case).  What are the downside risks if I buy directly from Samsung?  Any glitches on phone usage with carrier or set up / activation challenges?  Thanks!
I set up my S10+ to auto restart two times per week and it worked fine until the update to UI 2.5.  Clearing cache doesnt fix the problem and I'm really not in mood for a factory reset.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!
I wonder if there's any suggestion on preventing accidental screen activation.  I put the phone in my jean's back pocket a lot these days and it often activated various apps or whatever shortcuts I have on the lock screen.  It's much worse than when ...