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I was thinking that it would be really nice to see the winning entries in the Halloween contest. Also the #MemberMondays...
So the "ask an expert" Session has come and gone but I noticed that if you open the post so you can read the questions and most importantly the read the answers they are not there!!!!@any mod Steve Jeremy... can they be put back so other members can ...
So with the recent competition to design your own wallpaper it got me thinking.What is your current wallpaper?
I am way to old for school but for my children it's anything to make life easier...1) The TabS6 has to be a given ... As the flexibility of this device and the Spen, battery life, screen resolution, speakers Well what can't you say about this device....
So the posts from today were deleted but "He's back" or some close relative.....My question is and like many members on here who I think wonder the same thing is "WHY?". The largest smartphone manufacturer in the world with countless communities all ...