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Ever since the update the fast charge hasn't been working properly. Every so often when i plug it in, it charges with out the fast charging and after I go to check on it thinking that it would be almost at 100 I get 30% this happened 4 or 5 times alr...
coming this summer...
A crap movie, badly developed characters, the villain's CGI is terrible, bored the first half and the plot is so ridiculous that makes the heroes depend on a single character at the end of it all.And that is my opinion of Justice League, Infinity War...
benefits tab is just blank for me. when I try refreshing the tab it just does that loading thing.
ok so this started happeing, I don't want it to ask me every time when downloading something. it's not because of Oreo. it's just annoying and it happens when you're downloading anything from the Samsung Internet. is there a way to turn this off