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As S10's face recognition is not secure and pretty much there for convenience, I would like to suggest adding like a blink/wink/raise eyebrows to unlock - if face recognition is used. This may add more security as portraits are now out of the picture...
Dolby Atmos support for headphones/bluetooth on S8 family was introduced along with the Pie Update, however, after I updated it for the April Security Update - it disappeared on my S8. I just want to know if I'm the only one or if some people have no...
So, a question to you guys. Almost in every reviews or pet peeves of Youtubers about Samsung phones are the rather slow updates when it comes to giving us the latest Android version as early as possible. Do you agree with them? Or are the timely secu...
I thought they killed support for S6 edge? I just got a new update that puts its security patch level to June 1,2018. MY S8 IS STILL SITTING AT MAY 1,2018  Edit: I have Telus Canada as my carrier for both. And I don't have my sim connected to my ...