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So I want to delete all my smartthings devices and start over with a clean slate for when I finally get my s22 ultra, I have never used routines or automations but would like to. Would just like to make sure everything is in smartthings correctly bef...
Please Samsung tell my why my unopened new in box galaxy watch 3 45mm I have is worth $0 trade in value. Please explain!
First it didn't allow you to manually select a phone, now it does but Samsung isn't even in the list of phones to trade in. The day I can't trade in a Samsung phone on Samsung's website but can trade in any other is Crazy. Actual IMEI doesn't work ei...
On my s10+ I had tons of benefits in samsung members now I have zero on my z fold 2. What gives samsung?
I have the newest gear vr and heard about Samsung supplying a free adapter for note 9 users on (input websites here) I dont have an experience store near me in Calgary Alberta Canada. I have been on chat, I have called. nobody seems to know what I'...