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Samsung Galaxy A8 user with One-UI OS & I recently opened the Developer Options to adjust a few settings when I found this new Option for "Force Full GNSS Measurements" Does anyone have any information as to what this may do? Tried a web search & bas...
After the Microsoft fiasco a few year's ago, I learned to withhold System Updates for a couple of weeks. Android Forum's showed more like a month or so for some. Personally I have a Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 Canadian model on Roger's Wireless. Before it...
Unlike Android Police who post direct link's pertaining only to a certain app or APP's, this is within an article posted recently. https://interestingengineering.com/7-great-free-and-pay-to-use-voice-changing-apps
Came upon this article and thought "NO WAY IS THIS LEGIT!!"😳 I will let you form your own opinion as I am just copying the URL to it from the page I found it on 🤔 (nothing set off my security, yet obviously I suggest being careful beyond)https://ww...