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I like to listen to YouTube audio in Google Chrome and I also want to browse in Chrome at the same time? If I'm listening to something on YouTube and I get a call, I open another Chrome and I start browsing. When the call ends the audio and you to pl...
I have a note 9 and I've noticed that some of the apps cannot be deleted. When I go into the Play Store with most of them allows me a button to open or uninstall. But with some apps, like Kijiji, there's no way I can delete it. How do I do this?
Hey there, I have a Samsung Note 9. How do I text a note I've written?
Hey there, since I received the OS upgrade last week I've noticed I cannot have two browsers open at the same time anymore. I used to hold the bottom left button and it would split window. It was weird that it would never let me have a pair of chrome...
So I wake up to my note 9 with new icons, and you functionality ... like the finder listing the history, different way of closing out of apps... I hate all of it. How can I go back to the look and feel, ect before the update? It's driving me crazy