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New updates show the S8/S8+ that were shown for update on 2nd or 3rd are now scheduled for July 8 with the S10 series which just show bug fixes which contradicts the night mode update for camera that @Sabrina says should be coming and A8 on the 15thP...
Not sure why there would be a difference but Telus has an update scheduled for the S8/S8+ that Rogers doesn't.And Rogers has the Note 8 scheduled and Telus doesn't
Doesn't look like we will be getting updates in the near future from the updated Telus schedule 😒
Do we update our not????The article from Sammobile has me pretty nervous about doing it and I am one of the ones that have to have an update the minute it is released but also don't want any unneeded problems since my phone is working great other tha...