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Just saw this on another forum. Looks like a goodie basket is on the roll.
I loaded the US stock ARJ7 in order to update to CRKE (Pie)I just noticed on firmware science has CRKM posted... doh...Can I just update this from download? Or do I have to reflashh ARJ7 to CRKM?On a side note, I lost my SD card access in the update....
Apologies in advance, as I know there is a lot of OneUi repetition in posts. I did search OneUI post history and couldn't find similar subjects.I'm usually patient enough to wait for mature upgrade versions, but there are many upgrades with the UI th...
just pumped in an update about 500meg... calendar, bixby and something else
Anyone happen to know a trick (Bixby or Otherwise) that automatically downloads all email attachments? using stock app with n8