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Anyone experiencing an issue with notifications when running DEX? On my N20U, they are completely missing from my bottom right corner on the task bar.I'll still get a pop up if I catch it, but zero notification tray. Just settings and that's about it...
Looking to clear the cache partition for regular hygiene. Can't for the life of me get this device into recovery mode.The hard keys all work. I can get it into Safe mode with pwr+volume down on boot... no joy on pwr+vol up on boot.Anyone know what gi...
Anyone know a way to cast Dex from my phone TO Samsung Tab S7?I realize the tablet has its own native Dex, but I would like to use the data and apps stored on my phone for security purposes. For this work, I basically want to use the tablet screen as...
Just curious if anyone out there has a Gigabit connection, and what your speeds are?Im getting around 400 down and 300 up, on a Bell HomeHub3000 around five feet or so.Wondering how much faster if I installed a Wifi6 router.
Camera updates and others bits.. roughly 360mb