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I received an email from OneDrive that my bonus storage is 100gb is expired after 3 years. I have over 40gbs of data in it they are asking to purchase it otherwise they will delete my data! And whats rubbish I thought that was free forever! I am usin...
okay so about 2 months ago I was getting usage of straight 9 hours on my pgone with data on but suddenly my pgone battery doesnt even last for 4 hours! whats the issue whats happening?
hi ! have anyone else figured out how to stop samsung keyboard lag? it stays on the screen for few seconds when oush back which slows down the device and its annoying and I have to clear data everytime to make it normal. I am currently using anysoft ...
is this good battery timinings?
i dont know nut i have to clear keyboard data again amd again after a day to make it normal and after few hours it starts lagging again!!!