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Goodlock finally optimize on one ui 2.0 overall is really great especially the task changer really good combination with one ui 2.0 smooth animation For Non support country you can download Nice lock on google play and download lockstar ,quickstar ,t...
So s10 lite Malaysia set gets Snapdragon instead of exynos, kind of make s10 and s10 plus look trashy in perfomance wise lol
The update is amazing guys, its more smooth than beta before. I can say it's really worth the wait, its make my phone became new again lol.You guys can update manually or wait for OTA update next month for malaysia
I can say the beta is quite good also the battery is same with android pie beforeThe scroll animation look more smooth and the new gesture optimize pretty well Everything is great maybe the stable version have some more tweak incomingNow i know why w...
Really hate how samsung only released beta for selected country for note 9 and s9 android 10 betaWhy not making it worldwide tho. I don't want to flash manually