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You'll need to do an initial setup with your computer. After that, you can add/remove these toggles anytime on your phone, even after software updates. out this link if you need help with running ADBhttps://www.xda-d...
My eighth New Year's resolution is to improve my photography skills. The camera on the Note9 can take very good photos and videos if you use it right, especially with the manual mode which lets you control so many variables. #NewYearNewYou
My seventh New Year's resolution is to get enough sunlight every day. During the winter, it can be especially difficult to get enough Vitamin D without supplements with the limited amount of sun. #NewYearNewYou
My sixth New Year's resolution is to remember to take care of my self, and to treat myself more often. While it's important to stay healthy and maintain a routine, having a day to treat myself similar to a cheat day is really beneficial as well. #New...