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Been inspired by everyone else's posts. Haven't really tried to do portrait type images. My dogs were semi cooperative subjects 
Found a fun app some might be interested in. If you're like me and enjoy gestures and such to control your device try this app! Its pretty cool and adds even more functionality to the already versatile Samsung Galaxy family.
I'm always converting users over to Samsung. I've almost got the entire workforce converted over to Samsung or at least Android. I was explaining Samsung Members to a coworker and went to the Members webpage. Nothing makes me happier than to see how ...
If you haven't seen this new Samsung video it is absolutely awesome and funny...look for the guy at the end of the video's haircut 藍藍藍
I've shared numerous ymtumes in thus forum in regards to ADV Fastshell. From hiding nav/status bars, how to enable data toggle and now the one thing that has recently made me happy...the Edge Screen. Try it out!