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Is there any word when Dark Mode will arrive for Samsung Health, and Galaxy Apps? Since I use Samsung Health a lot, the light theme is very jarring since the rest of OneUI is so consistent in its dark mode.
Took a little trip yesterday, snapped these on my S8 using the pro mode. These are all unedited and unfiltered. Enjoy :)
I criticized Samsung earlier for not releasing OneUI in timely fashion for the S8, but it's here finally. Even though I do feel that it still should've arrived earlier (like all S8's outside of US/Canada did), I'm glad it's finally here. It not only ...
Seriously, we the S8 users are literally the ones who put faith in Samsung amidst the Note 7 exploding fiasco. A phone that got banned in flights, public spaces etc.. Yet the loyal fans bought the S8 who's sales couldve singlehandedly permanently bur...
As the title suggests, my S8's Samsung cloud storage is full (15GB). I wanted to know if there is a service (paid or not) to increase the Samsung cloud storage capacity? I already do use OneDrive and Google Photos to backup my photos for now. But I'd...