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I'm loving my S22 Ultra so far and it's been running flawless in every way except one thing I've noticed. Doesn't happen all the time but occasionally the notifications at the top of my screen blink rapidly. I'm sure it's a quick fix in a future secu...
Been checking regularly to see if the new more efficient 45 watt charger was available on the Canadian Samsung website and was just able to buy 2 chargers. The model number is EP-T4510XBEGCA. It's larger in size vs the 45 watt charger that came out a...
Hey All!I received my S22 Ultra on Friday and have spent the weekend getting it all set up and dialed in. One thing that I can't find is the new Samsung Wallet they announced in the release?! Any details on this? Will it be a future download from Sam...
Just checked again before bed and received the February Security Update for my Note 20 Ultra on Rogers. Was previously still on December. 
Wonder how much longer it'll be until we get the newest Security Update on the Note 20 Ultra here in Canada? Strange that I have Android 12 with One UI 4.0 and still rocking the December Security Update? Guess I'll be selling it in 2 weeks anyways wh...