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Samsung should let use an AR Emoji when using director's view! It would be fun to have my face look like something else while I'm recording with the back camera as well. Samsung please add this to the next update!
Just posted a video on a secret menu in the Gallery app: check out my other videos too! I'm sure that a few people here will enjoy them :)
I did this test using a Galaxy S10, and a Galaxy S21.Both phones used the exact same cable, laptop, and port.Galaxy S10 connects to wired DeX flawlessly.Galaxy S21 doesn't connect at all, no pop-up or anything... Only way to use DeX for PC on a Galax...
If you're like me, you might've noticed that the animations stutter a lot when opening an app, here's a simple fix.Go to Display, Screen resolution, set the resolution to 1080p.Boom, no more stutters. Sadly 1440p is buggy it seems, makes the phone st...