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No new features it seems, only need thing I noticed is that this screen is easier to see with a theme applied, before the text was blue. They made it green so that it's actually legible now:
Oops 😂https://photos.app.goo.gl/PRftca1ew5qLyhw87Sorry I had to use Google photos, video uploading isn't working on here.
Only a security update this month, no new features or enhancements:
So the Galaxy Fold is said to get the May Security Patch on May 18th:My prediction? This is when the Galaxy S9/S9+ will get the April patch, and when the Galaxy S10/S20 will get the May patch.https://communityforums.rogers.com/t5/OS-Upgrades/OS-Upgra...
They keep making posts on Samsung Newsroom about new features that came to the S10.There's clearly a team of devs over at Samsung that are making a change in terms of software support, and it makes me think they're taking software support seriously.A...