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In the latest update on Note 10+ (ui 2.5), it says they added a feature to show quality of Wifi SSIDs in the list of available Wifi around. But I don't see this info?I have the "show network quality info" turned on.
So, I usually get 450/300 Mbps download/upload on my Note 10+ at home wifi.For the last few weeks, about once or twice a week when I wake up, my phone wifi is very slow, I notice it in all apps. This only happens in the morning when I pick up the pho...
I just noticed I have a new app called Visual Voicemail on my Note 10+. I'm guessing it came with the latest update last week.I'm with Koodo, does anyone know if this came from Samsung or from Koodo, meaning now they support Visual Voicemail on Samsu...
I want to set the camera and let it take a photo (or multiple) every x seconds. I don't see that option on the camera app?I know how to use the 2/5/10 timer and the hyperlapse, but that's not that I want. Note10+Thx.