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I just found out about this and purchased my theme & synergy and wouldn't wanna update if it's been patched. I'm using a Note 8
The last one I got was from April. Is the more 8 no longer supported?
I just noticed. A feature I was looking forward to in the Pie update was the digital wellbeing. I looked in my settings in the note 8 and it's not there? Ok now not comes standing with stockPie but also suppose to come with Samsung. Am I missing some...
I clicked on the app to see what accounts I have saved but my phone seems to think my phone is rooted when Samsung Pay still works and root checker verifies that it's not.. anyone else having his problem?
Why is it that the videos in the gallery app only preview sometimes? Like the video would play without sound before clicking "play video" but sometimes it won't? Is there a toggle for this?