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Every time I get to the part where it's asking me to type the recovery words. I would type in the first word and it would say it's in correct. I tried doing the last word. A middle word. Still says it's wrong/invalid. I tried exiting out a couple tim...
I just found out about this and purchased my theme & synergy and wouldn't wanna update if it's been patched. I'm using a Note 8
The last one I got was from April. Is the more 8 no longer supported?
I just noticed. A feature I was looking forward to in the Pie update was the digital wellbeing. I looked in my settings in the note 8 and it's not there? Ok now not comes standing with stockPie but also suppose to come with Samsung. Am I missing some...
I clicked on the app to see what accounts I have saved but my phone seems to think my phone is rooted when Samsung Pay still works and root checker verifies that it's not.. anyone else having his problem?