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The first time I flew in an airplane was about 4 years ago. All of my life I've never had the privilege to fly because it was too expensive and my parents always figured it was cheaper to drive.Fast forward to today, I've actually been on many flight...
Showcasing the power of the S10+ 2x zoom from my flight. Enjoy!
Stumbled across this dope video that was filmed using the Galaxy Note 10+. Phone cameras are getting so good now and this is an example of that. Check it out below.https://youtu.be/H2H7uw93sBo
https://www.samsungdeveloperconference.com/ Welcome back to my Day 02 recap of #SDC2019. Don't forget to watch the highlights of SDC2019 here. SDC2019 Sign at Dev Park SDC19 - Under Armour Bag So my day started off at 7:00am again with another Fit@SD...
First off, I want to thank Samsung Members and @Jeremy_from_Samsung for providing me the wonderful news about winning the MyBestApp contest that was held a couple weeks back. I appreciate all of the time and coordination staff at Samsung Canada took ...