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Hey Samsung Canada Team! Thanks for allowing us to have this Q&A, my question is when is the Ambassador Program for S Members rolling out and whether or not there will be a criteria for it? Thanks again!
According to a statement made to CTV News, Samsung has confirmed that there are no plans to bring the Fold in Canada.Personally, Not a huge fan of this news. Sure, this device is generation 1 and is extremely expensive (close to $3K CAD) however, peo...
Clickbaity? Yes! 😅This is just a PSA (more specifically for the desktop users who can't view Notices) to say that Samsung Members will be going through another Maintenance check on September 18th at 9PM to 11PM EST. Only Two hours so it shouldn't be...
Wallpaper Challenge! Hey everyone, This is my entry to the Wallpaper Challenge! As a self-taught graphic designer, I got excited when S Members posted this competition! Here's what I've made for the S10/S10e/S10+! Spoiler*Wallpapers displayed in the ...
Hey there, I am not sure if it's just me or my device (tablet) but the wallpaper Contest link isn't redirecting me to the instructions. Could anyone help with this by posting the link here, Thanks!