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Weather Network app called for .3cm of snow, that shot is view from balcony at work. Make the m.e.m.e. to honour the feeling tonight.. had to add the dots otherwise the word gets **bleep**
Coquitlam, BCCoquitlam, BCThe speed of light is said to be 299,792 km/s and by the use of long-exposure photography, I was able to show not only light & darkness interacting but also, the effect of passing time through light at rest & light in motion...
Pacific National Exhibition, Vancouver, BCPacific National Exhibition, Vancouver, BCBoth photos show an illuminated wooden roller coaster with alternating lighting in the foreground and background in the entire depth of field on the top shot and 2/3 ...
Vancouver, BCThis Weihnachtspyramide is from the Vancouver Christmas Market. Traditionally, these are delicately crafted of native German woods, lathe-turned & hand painted pyramids create a subtle play of shadow & light (coincidentally the theme of ...