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I am GOBSMACKED that my $1200 phone has me dialing 1 and then entering a code to listen to voicemails instead of seeing who called like the iOS model. Yeah, I'm a recent convert from last December. I feel like I'm back in 1993...
My Note9 calendar app icon always shows the date as Sept 12, while the iOS  calendar app will actually show the current date. Why doesn't Android do this? 
Mind blown when I actually looked at the info available and all the settings, especially in "PRO" setting. I have SO much to learn with this phone.Clearly, I've only scratched the surface of the settings and perfomance of the Note 9. I'm going to nee...
Okay, how about limoncello AND lemonade with the leftover lemons? Kind of a variation of the glass half full theme but I went home early cuz I was still burpy-barfy from something bad we ate a couple days ago, or maybe a gut bug?ANYways, bought a bag...
Notice things around you, don't let life get lost in the background noise. Enjoy the view of the evergreen with snow all around. Count the snowflakes in the picture.