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In the rose garden in the famous Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island in BC.
I went to a free screening of a past TIFF (Toronto international film festival) movie at the Movie Lounge event happening at the Samsung Experience Store in the Toronto Eaton centre yesterday. They had fun movie themed snacks - popcorn and biscotti! ...
Sharing some photos I took in Toronto and Hawaii 🙂Utilized the S10+ wide angle lens for the 2nd and 4th pic.St. James ParkOahu's north shoreI see a sea turtle!Throwback to this year's 🌷 season
Who doesn't love a larger than life sized S10+ in that Prism white?!Found at the Samsung Experience Store in the Toronto Eaton Centre 😆
So surreal that not even a month has passed from the Unpacked event to this moment: unpacking the new S10+.I literally ran to the FedEx truck as he pulled up, entirely coincidentally as I didn't know what time beforehand, and asked if it was for me. ...