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My samsung smart TV series 7 (UN58RU7100FXZC) kept going offline for no reason. My internet is stable since I have many devices connected except the TV. The current TV firmware is 1303 and that's the latest. My Smartthings software also the most upda...
After Samsung recent update, they replaced Google Maps for calendar location with Foursquare. It can't even find simple address and very buggy. Change it back!!! 😡 Stop forcing garbage to your customers. First Bixby, now this!?
Hi, I have Note 8 and the volume button seemed to be stuck. It's still working but doesn't have that "clicked" feel and kind of hard to push unlike the Bixby or power button. I have my phone always in a casing and I tried to clean it with qtip but it...
Yahoo! Finance for stock edge panel stopped working for several days. Error msg: "server error occurred, try again later". The Yahoo! Finance apps and website seemed to be working this only affects the edge panel. I tried clearing cache, restart, rei...
I've been an avid Notes series since day 1 but it would be great if Samsung willing to combine Samsung Notes and S Note application into one super apps. S Note have features that I can't find in Samsung Notes and it's taking away the user experience ...