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Members App hasn't worked for several weeks now. I cannot make any posts using the app, I can only post online. Samsung tech support is totally useless and have offered no solutions to this problem. See screen shot.
Hi, Some how one of my contacts has been added to my message app settings. I don't know how this happened and I can't seem to undo it. I don't need any of my contacts added it the settings in the messaging app. See screen shot. thnx.
Since the beta I've noticed that half the time I have to unlock with fingerprint or pin with smart lock enabled--never had to do that before as my phone always remained unlocked when my watch is onAnyone else having this problem?
The beta has caused too many problems for me. One thing I cannot tolerate is missing files on my phone. I have hundreds of thousands of photos, thousands of videos and thousands of songs.If I leave the BETA will everything that got installed be unins...
All was fine until after I installed One UI BETA.I had album art for all 1,000+ songs on my device now almost all the album art was removed.I used Grabit from the play store to add missing art. And I only play music with the Samsung player. https://p...