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@Community_Moderator This seems to be an issue that is being ignored. The Yahoo Newsroom card does not update anymore. Can you please tell us if this is being looked at and getting fixed? You can see my post history for the original post on the probl...
Newsroom card does not update. Why is it stuck to articles from April? (But keeps saying it updated a few hours ago)... How do I update it and keep it updating on a regular basis? Pulling down in homescreen does nothing.I decided to try to use it aga...
When are we getting night mode for the camera of S9 + S10? @Community_ModeratorEurope has updated S9 camera, and I'm sure S10 cameras as well, since a long time now. Its about time Canada gets it , dont you think? ....
Where is NIGHT MODE FOR THE CAMERA???!!!!!- You are giving us an update without the camera night mode for clearer night pictures! ------This was made available in Europe for S9 series!!!------- Why not Canada? Seems like its laziness or money saving ...
Give us an update for S10 and S9 phones... it's available in Europe.