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You are able to play PC games on your galaxy device. Now that's exciting. Go to the Galaxy store and search PlayGalaxy.Samsung Rolls Out Game Streaming App, PlayGalaxy Link Beta To Galaxy S10
Does anybody know how to make it stop working and make it work properly? I know it's for sure a bug, but I literally just disabled them both so a pop up doesn't keep popping up.Any help would be great. I know it's a beta and stuff, but it's a little ...
How come when I do the gesture navigation with the hints, there is no vibration? On my S9, there is vibration. I have toggled everything on. Does not work.Please any help would be great.
It's time for an upgrade from my battery depleting S9. Getting an S10+, just not sure which color I should get. I have two options. (Bell) I like the Prism White, but I am not sure which is better. I have had all black, all the way back to the S6. Mi...
The community forums was updated, do you like it? If not, why?