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I know this is not the place to ask, but I might as well ask. I have a S7 Edge (Canadian version) lying around and I was wondering if I could root it to get Android 10 unofficial?I know how to root, just was wondering if I could. Cause my device stil...
I updated to the Feb update (Bell) and my phone is so much snappier now. It was kinda laggy for me on the January update. No idea why.Imma factory reset my phone, just to refresh it now.How is your S10 after the update? Comment below
I don't think people who have the S10/e/+ devices should update to the S20 series phones. The only things that have been improved are the cameras, which are amazing, batteries which are bigger to incorporate with the 120hz displays. The processors as...
Why is my battery draining so crazy fast on my S10+ on the January update? Does anyone have any similar problem? Before the update, it was way better, didn't get hot when charging or anything. But now it's really bad. Gets hot and drains faster than ...
Keep up the good work, but you still have a whole lot to improve on. But I like your sudden improvement so far. Just now S10 series devices should get more than 2 years of android updates. Hopefully it happens.