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Found this on Ground News https://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/news/google-android-zero-day-vulnerability-samsung-huawei-xiaomi-nso-phones-2112008
I had gotten a new s9 a couple of weeks ago, but it had a problem that I didn't realize at first. It didn't seem to pick up when I touched that green button when someone was calling me. I just kept tapping it and tapping it but it wouldn't answer, so...
Do all Samsung users get them? I snapped this one today. 🙄
My s6 died recently, and I replaced it with an s9. On my old phone, I was able to share the apps in my Secure Folder to my home launcher. On my new phone, I have not been able to. I used the Action brand launcher for my old phone, and trying to use i...
Throughout much of the summer, I've been getting these alerts on my Ashion browser with Far Eastern text. I'm not of Asian descent and don't speak or understand any Oriental languages. However, just yesterday I noticed something on my calendar apps. ...