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When is the Note 8 End Of Life Support? Most hardware providers are open about these policies. Giggle does not give any firm answers.
In Sidesync, MORE menu of dashboard, FAQ & Tips, the results show how you can right click on the system tray icon for sidesync and conveniently share web page addresses open in your browser with your phone.The only time I have been able to get it to ...
I'd like to gift a theme to another Note 8 user. Any idea how or to get a gift card? Everything I see online is US only.
There is very little online about what these contain accurately but a few comments about them causing problems. Like system updates I would expect release notes to know what the previous, current and future updates will affect, but I don't see any. C...
Telus provider, when I enter the access code they send me for Wi-Fi calling as soon as I hit continue it tells me the page has expired. Its supposed to have 10 minutes before expiry of the code. I don't know if is talking about the code or a page err...