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Every once in awhile samsung pay keeps saying that my card is temporarily unavailable and says I need to connect to the internet in order to access my card. I'm always connected to the internet. This is the 3rd time this has happened. Please fix this...
I think it would be really helpful if there would be an option to set the on screen navigation buttons to come up when using the S pen if you have gestures Enabled. It makes it easier to go home rather than doing the gestures with the s pen
I got a email last night telling me my balance of samsung rewards points which I didnt know I had. I currently have 5,554 points. To put that in perspective, you can get a case for the s10 for 6000 points. Plus this is the US site so I cant get anyth...
It does snow where I live and I love snow so much. It makes everything all white and gets me in the holiday spirit. Although winter does make the roads messey and sometimes extremely dangerous, there is a certain calmness to winter the makes me so re...