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Alright, since my last post clearly was too much for people's emotions, let's try again more delicately. Okay boys and girls....does anyone else notice when they try to use their wireless power share feature, it never connects? I can out my watch in ...
I think Samsung should definitely add the ability to customize the fingerprint reader animation, similar to how we can customize the edge screen. I have an S10+ and just would love to see some cooler effects similar to Huawei or OnePlus.
From my S2 all the way to me S10+, Samsung has ways given me the post powerful tools to showcase my creativity and love of the things around me. I Niagara falls, the mist constantly freezed on everything, and the trees appear to be emcased in glass.
A else having an issue with their phone Restarting daily. My phone seems to restart Evey night, and every morning gotta wait for it to relaunch everything.
Is anyone else having an issue since the last update where wearable aren't connecting. I have an S10+ and Gear S3 and I can't pair the watch to the app anymore. I just hangs on the pairing sequence for hours.