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Anyone having issues where they go to details and try to reverse the slow Mo videos and it doesn't work. It just keeps playing forward and then stops. And can't even restart the preview? Why do these features not work on a $1700 dollar phone. Lol lik...
Does any know why this is happening? I have the setting that uses my data when wifi is week turned off. Yet the data keep popping on even though I've disabled the feature. Any ideas?
Anyone else super pissed that Canada was excluded from the Galaxy Bud bonus offer? It's like, Samsung says sure, well take outrageous amounts of your money, but only give the bonuses to everyone else. I'm sorry, rant over. I just hate when Canadian g...
Mine is updating now! Finally!
I'm so upset the iTunes app isn't coming to older models. It's just an app. I understand not being able to add air drop, but iTunes app? Really? I JUST bought this tv and I'm being told if I want features buy a new one.....I just did! :(. Sad day for...