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I could you a bit of insight.2 apps. GMAIL and Amazon shopping keep stopping.I have a S9+I cleared the system cache and no change.I go to the apps settings and clear out the data for both apps.Both apps then run.Once closed, the apps will ot run agai...
One UI 2.5 - NICE ! performance improvements  much smoother. WIFI behaviour much better (tested via SPEEDTEST app, my benchmark app).This could be the last major update for the S9 family. Looks like this update will definitely extend the life of the...
Hi. Does any new Samsung phone product provide the same level of support ?
I have a very good 802.11ac router that my laptop gets a speed of 830Mbits via its WiFi connection.My S9+ struggles at about 110Mbits with Bluetooth on.If I turn off Bluetooth I get about 400Mbits.Is this a normal behaviour ?Do I have a config or set...
I really do like the GOOGLE MAIL app.I manage over 8 Gmail accounts, 1 POP and 1 IMAP account.What I didn't like is having to select the Open All Inboxes every time I opened the app.I frequently use the CLOSE ALL APPS function of the phone to keep my...