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When will Galaxy watch have time based night mode like the do not disturb mode
Decided to use this picture for s10 wallpaper. The chalendier is hanging off the roof and when wallpaper applied, creating an illusion as if it is tandemed to the pin hole. It hides the camera really good since it fits perfectly! This picture was tak...
Heard there's hurricane coming your side. Hope all goes well.Luckily it's not winter time, otherwise coupled with snow it can be devastating
Can we please have beta testing this year for s10? Uk USA and Korea get it. Our phone is similar to USA, so it'll be nice to finally have it. I've been this forums since S7 days and remember it's asked every year but not delivered Beta is quite impor...
Samsung is leader in smartphone tablets watches etc. Like a household name. Or fridge tvs and so forth. One thing they are very behind is their notebook. I never ever see a Samsung laptop around. I think Samsung ought to have a nice laptop with thin ...