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I have decided to show my love for Galaxy by attaching a reel of super slow-mo video made using Galaxy S10. I am simply amazed how great the shots come out at 960fps. I frequently shoot slow-mo videos every country I visit, and I have visited 28 thus...
After 90% charge, using original charger and dock, at random % it charges and stop loop. Sometime it doesn't charge anymore and red light on dock keeps flashing.Is the battery dying?
This picture was taken in Taiwan, near Taipei. It was very quiet to walk down this path and calming as well! I really like how I have access to pro camera features which allows me to lower ISO level to reduce picture noise. Plus with longer exposer t...
I had it removed from battery saving before update. It's still not there. But it pauses on lock screen
It was nice knowing and chatting with you all. I'll see you guys again on next night of potential release date.Toddles