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Looking forward to snow on mountains this November. It looks quite pretty whenever heading to work!I prefer rain over snow unlike the mod here haha. Easier to get to work, considering the areas not flat like Calgary. This is the view you get flying o...
Searching something on google with asblock plus and not intrusive ads not allowed, still so many ads show up. Anything else getting the same?
You ask what makes a best app? The best app is which offers ease of use and a one stop for all needs. For me the best app has been always the Samsung Health since I started using it few years ago. It offers me all my health related data in one app, i...
I have 512gb S10 and I don't need that much space. I use like 200gb.Im thinking maybe sell it and pay $200 extra for note 10 256gb.How the two compare?
HelloI have noticed that Galaxy wearable watch part is dark thème but not for earbuds side. Also it'd be interesting to get dark mode for Samsung health. Sometimes I will check health in morning or before sleeping and it'd be more pleasing to see in ...