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Saw trade in offer. Everything fine with watch but $0?They give $100 minimum, but 100 for all smart watches in the world, working or not. Fitbit gives 125$Not enticing to buy galaxy watch3 or active2USA has better deal. $100 promo + 160 off additiona...
If I make screen recording, how can I hide some info like phone number etc? I see on YouTube/instagram Pixelated butt I don't want to pay for a software.
With Samsung removing so many features, I hope they don't remove power button.We lost headphone jack because "Bluetooth". Apple removed it cuz "waterproof". Now Google has this feature to turn phone on/off with tap on front screen and they're also wo...
There's already ads slides from Samsung in same pay, 12 of them, but there's now new ad the topStarting to think one ui was introduced so Samsung could use top space for ads lol
Anyone else get high usage?Playing downloaded music