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Why is my note 10 plus intermittently unable to update apps from the playstore? It states that its "waiting" to download, but doesnt. I'm going to restart the phone and see if this fixes it. I did a factory reset recently, it did this before the rese...
Its funny that I pay $500 for a watch that needs bluetooth on to find my watch, but it won't use data to find it, it's issues like these that make me look toward the competition.
Hello, I'm getting an error message while trying to upload a watch face, the problem concerns remote connectivity, what do I do in settings for this? Also, I'm in an area with slow internet.
Uploaded payment card too Samsung Pay, when I purchase from Samsung Galaxy theme store, I am asked for payment information again, even though it is registered on Samsung Pay. Is this the proper process, and can it be fixed?
Can Samsung bring back the vibration while audio is playing? The phone vibrates with each spoken word, works while watching movies, YouTube, etc, really added to the user experience!