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I can't enable the new QR scanner feature. So samsung QR scanner only for phone?
I just got a Note 9 (SM-N9600 DS) inernational version (Hong Kong). After inserting the Bell Sim, it fires up and updates to Google apps and Pie. I can also install Samsung Pay. Except the Members App stuck in Hong Kong region. I uninstall it. Restar...
Besides the Samobile, who is the recommend (safe) download site for stock Samsung firmware?Thanks
Plan to buy the Note 9 SM-N9600 DS (asian version) because of the duo sim feature. I know it won't be covered by Samsung Canada warranty. My main concern is will it get future updates (Android OS / Securities) from Canadian carriers. Thanks
Just purchase the S5e & keyboard case package from Costco. Very happy so far except for non standart hardware keyboard layout. Alphabets and numbers are in the right place but symbols are not. eg. shift 6 does not gives the " ? " but " ^ ". Was told ...