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Taken on my old S8+
I was looking at trading in my galaxy A70 towards the Note 10+ but under Samsung Canada trade in page I can't find A70. I would have thought they would take the A70 as a trade in since it's a brand new ish device Is anyone else able to see an A70 as ...
#MemberMondays My must have item isn't for my kids, it's for me (and probably a ton of college students) it's coffee. For all the early mornings of getting up early getting them ready for school and myself getting ready for work it is a necessity not...
#MemberMondaysMy favorite Marvel Superhero is Deadpool. A good Canadian boy who grew up and got some sweet superpowers. Sure behind the mask he doesn't look very appealing but man he can kick **bleep**! And he's super hilarious
So. I cracked my S10+ screen while out in the field with the military :( BUT the good news is I had Samsung care + so I'm getting it fixed! There's no repair stores around me so I have to wait for the shipping stuff then mail it and then get it back,...