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#MemberMondaysMy favorite Marvel Superhero is Deadpool. A good Canadian boy who grew up and got some sweet superpowers. Sure behind the mask he doesn't look very appealing but man he can kick **bleep**! And he's super hilarious


So. I cracked my S10+ screen while out in the field with the military :( BUT the good news is I had Samsung care + so I'm getting it fixed! There's no repair stores around me so I have to wait for the shipping stuff then mail it and then get it back,...
Hey Samsung, I know you did Mother's day shootouts lol fathers are just as important as well ;) I kid I'm sure you are busy fixing up the latest security patches and getting andriod Q ready for us. So I'll help out Happy fathers day to all the dads o...
I'm thinking of buying the smartthings wifi hub, possibly the three pack depending on how ine works. Does anyone have it? How do they like it? I'd love to hear a little review on it from your point of view on how good it is and if it's worth it. At t...
So checking out the news and tips page it looks like Samsung made a new app called Samsung pay touch. Where it's like square but with nfc in your phone where people can tap their debt or credit card on your phone. Yes this maybe geared towards small ...