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I'm a bit of a samsung addict here 😅🙄 Here's all the samsung device register in my samsung account 🙄😏Currently using a note 10+ and a galaxy watch 46mm LTE have also lying around 2 S6
Anyone have any idea if it's possible to put the app drawer on a list instead of a page by page app drawer. I used to be on Nova launcher and I liked that better than the pages. I checked through setting and couldn't find it. Can't go back to nova si...
Anybody have insights on security update for the note 10+. Been more than a month since the last update, usually on the s10 it was a month more or less a day each month. Even on Fido/Rogers upgrade that has been solid updating the coming update and n...
Don't know why but my galaxy watch wont update those 3 apps
A 490mb updates!